RED Epic-W 8K – Camera Rentals Toronto


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Available Gear

RED Epic W-8K Helium S35 CameraCanon MountPL Mount
Epic 5″ Touch Screen LCDBomb EVFRED Digital Cinema DSMC BASE I/O V-Lock Expander
RED Mini-mag 480 GB (x2)AC Power SupplyRED Digital Cinema DSMC LEMO Adaptor Collection
RED Station Red Mini-magEpic Top Plate, Handle, & BaseplateAdaptor Plate
RED Arm 5″Arri 15mm Baseplate15mm 18′ Ultra Rods (x2)
RED Arm 9″RED Brick Battery V-Lock Plate15mm 12′ Ultra Rods (x2)
Blue Shape Brick 140 Wh Battery Pack (x6)RED Charger w/ Power Cable15mm 8′ Ultra Rods (x2)
Blue Shape Charger w/ Power Cable (x2)LCD/EVF Cable (x2)


Contact me to learn more about our rental packages including the RED Epic-W 8K camera, as well as all of our other options.